Are you ready to Find Your Formula for Change?

To Envision Your Tomorrow?

Decipher your personal formula so you can envision your future memories

The only Formula you will ever need...

  • Stop chasing Squirrels!

  • Move life forward with purpose, abundance and productivity

  • Connect your human "technology" with your "digital" technology and work smarter - not harder.

  • Technology & systems are there to be helpful, not stressful

  • The Change Navigatorā„¢ helps guide you through the hard parts... "human" and "digital"

What I've been writing about...

Understanding Your Emotional Landscape: The Power of Self-Discovery

Understanding Your Emotional Landscape: The Power of Self-Discovery

Explore techniques for emotional release like visualization, journaling, and creative expression to manage anxiety and promote mindfulness. Connect with Stacy Braiuca for guidance on your journey to e... ...more

Squirrel Wranglerā„¢ ,NLP

June 25, 2024ā€¢2 min read

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If you don't have the right formula,

you can't envision your tomorrow

My purpose in this life is to Guide your Navigation to Find, Balance,

and Sustain YOUR Formula.

What's in it for you?

Avoid Chronic Health Issues

take actions you can control...

Take Better Care of Yourself

or you can't take care of others

Sustain Better Relationships

because it's all about connection

Change Your Mindset

Don't sweat the small stuff...

Ease Technology Interaction

It doesn't have to be hard!

Get More Done in Your Day!

even though we all only get #168

Breakthrough YOUR Baggage, Create YOUR Perfect Life,

Take Actions on YOUR Goals, then Keep YOUR Eyes on the Prize!

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