Know Your Formula For SUCCESS!

The only Formula you will ever need...

Decipher your personal formula and get more done so you can spend more time with those you love

  • Get off of the hamster's wheel

  • Get on with profit and productivity

  • Work smarter with your technology - not harder.

  • Technology & systems are there to be helpful, not stressful

  • The Technology Therapist™ reduces the hard part.

Capitalize On Your Productivity with The Technology Therapist:

Let Technology Work For You

If you don't have the right formula, you can't sustain the things you love

My purpose in this life is to Help you Find, Balance, and Sustain YOUR Formula.

What's in it for you?

Avoid Chronic Health Issues

take actions you can control...

Take Better Care of Yourself

or you can't take care of others

Sustain Better Relationships

because it's all about connection

Change Your Mindset

Don't sweat the small stuff...

Ease Technology Interaction

It doesn't have to be hard!

Get More Done in Your Day!

even though we all only get #168

Tame your Technology and your Time

and Sustain your Profits, your Personal Life, and your Passions

Technology Therapist™ is at work for your business

- we're here to help!

Find more Exclusive content in the Technology Therapist™ & Squirrel Wrangler App

  • Articles about technology, productivity, communication, personal development, and more
  • Direct links to the Technology Therapist™ Podcast
  • Fun Squirrel videos with lessons, and more!

CORE Communication Training

Communicate better with others

with this Training created by Jane M. Powers

  • We each have different personalities

  • They impact our communications and daily choices

  • If you know your code you can make better choices

  • If you know how to code others you can make better everything (well, almost everything)

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